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Q. Is ordering from your website safe?
A. Our web site is hosted in the safehaven of iceland so that we operate under icelandic jurisdiction and their laws. We share a close relationship with our hosting provider, and under no circumstances will any information be disclosed to any law agencies.

Our domain is registered using a specialized anonymous domain registration service so that no personal identification was disclosed at the time of purchasing. – yet another safehaven.

Our web site is completely secured using SSL 128-bit encryption. Absolutely no information is transmitted in plaintext.
We do not require account registration to place an order. The personal information you provide at the time of ordering is only used for package addressing.
We ONLY accept payment via Bitcoin – an anonymous, decentralized digital cryptocurrency. Payments via Bitcoin are anonymous

Q. Why are your products so cheap?
A. We do things on a large scale and our model which has worked well for us is to sell products at more reasonable prices compared to other sellers.

Q. Where are you located?
A. Given the obvious risks this poses, we are unable to disclose any information about ourselves which could be used by law enforcement to identify who we are and where we operate from. All you need to know is that we are in Australia, meaning that your shipment is dispatched domestically – your gear won’t end up in the hands of a customs agent.

It does not cost that much to make good quality steroids and as a result we are happy to give up some margin so that our customers may save some money or even make some money by selling them.

Q. How long does shipping take?
A. It normally takes between 2 to 5 business days from day ordered for a product to reach your door.
If you order on a Monday, day one is Tuesday, the 5th business day is close of business on the following Monday etc.

However during COVID, some orders to parts of Australia may take up to 10 business days, with WA orders are taking up to 15 days.

Q. Do you give out tracking?
A. We don’t give out or check tracking unless its been 10 business days from day ordered for most of Australia and 15 business days for WA as this creates more work for us and can be a security risk.

If for some reason the product has not arrived (Please check your local post office, mailbox, etc first) then do not hesitate to email us.

Q. What time is shipping cut-off?
A. We ship everything out at 830pm

Q. What’s your reply time?
A. we’re extremely busy and while we endeavour to reply to all messages as soon as possible, it may take up to 24H, if we miss your message and it’s been longer than 24h then please send us another, sending multiple messages, question marks or being abusive doesn’t win any favours and will get you ignored.

Q. What happens if my product is lost or damaged in transit or disappears?
A. If a product is shown in the tracking number as delivered to the same suburb then we take that as delivered, however if the tracking number doesn’t update or if the product goes missing or is broken or misdelivered, we will gladly reship another one free of cost.

It automatically applies to all products in cart!
——–Our Guarantee——

We were Australia’s top steroid seller on dream marketplace with 2000+ positive reviews and have had one of Australia’s top steroid websites (www.ausroids.com) for years and this is due to both our quality and our customer service.

We were also active on empire marketplace ans had 100s of positive reviews until they started scamming btc from seller accounts, including ours.

If you send our product off for third party lab testing (no home kits as they are notoriously unreliable) we will reimburse you the cost of the testing and give you $250, redeemable as store credit.

We recommend using www.janoshik.com, contact them via email for details on how to send your product in for testing anonymously and you can be completely anonymous to ensure there is no bias although we do not have any connection with Janoshik.